Your Mitsubishi is your investment. Treat it well.

Trust Valley Mitsubishi to detail your vehicle thoroughly when you rely on us to clean your car and get it as fresh as the day it rolled out of the factory. 

When you book one of our services expect the best from our Kelowna service team. 
Expect a competitive price for comprehensive cleaning and entire packages to meet all of your needs.
Contact Valley Mitsubishi service to get started or click on the service you want to book below.

All front, rear + back seats / floors.
TIME: only 15 mins
PRICE: $12.95

Heavy duty engine clean and dress.
TIME: 30 mins
PRICE: $39.95

Full vacuum & dressing window cleaning.
TIME: 1 hr
PRICE: $49.95

Cut polish to remove scratches & oxidization.
PRICE: contact us here for info

Exterior wash + thorough hand wax 
TIME: 1 hr
PRICE: $59.95

Ozonation and Terra Clean Mist Services to remove tough smells in your vehicle 
TIME: Car must stay 24 hours at Valley Mitsubishi
-PRICE: $99.95

Please contact us for details.
-PRICE: $299.95